Asian Exercise and Sport Science Association

The  Asian Exercise and Sport Science Association (AESA) is committed to empowering Exercise and Sport Science for improving fitness and professional conditioning  through experimental academic research to  train athletes and fitness clients to  improve performance and fitness.  The AESA helps you further your knowledge with internationally recognized Journal of Applied Exercise Physiology, as well as top certifications and Sport Science Workshops. more..

The world established based on knowledge, and is going to develop every aspect of life with technology. We are going to help in both fitness and high level of athletics performance with knowledge in exercise and sport science.

Asian Exercise & Sport Science Association (AESA)

AESA is nonprofit international education association base on knowledge sharing. It was founded in 2012. AESA Start at the first with launching IJAEP (International Journal of Applied Exercise Physiology) and after 3 years (November 2015) hard working that was approved in high level of academic publication in ISI Master List.

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What are AESA looking for?

    1- AESA Is looking for improve fitness among peoples and improve their ability on daily works and life. Several researchers in both sport and medicine have been shown improving fitness, reducing risk of health and improving on life by regular physical activity. AESA is looking for improve health and fitness by a number of methods.

   2-  High level of performance and successfully on sport competitions needs the high-quality coaches in conditioning and periodization. AESA is looking for improving and educates professional conditioning coaches for this aim.


   3-  Nowadays we have several institutes and academic place, which educate coaches and trainer in both fitness and high level of performance. We need to categorize coaches and trainers according to the knowledge that they have and their activities according to the new achievements in sport and exercise science. AESA Exam regularly level of trainers and coaches and report it on the official website of AESA. So all people may choose their best personal trainer or coaches. We are trying always to hold the high standard level of the exams.


    4-  Providing the place for sharing new knowledge of exercise and sport science and decrease gaps between science and practice in training and sport science is the main reason to holding AESA Conferences and Workshops. We are always inviting researchers and professional coaches to help AESA in this way. We also support independent Workshops and conferences across the world (Contact us for more information).

   5-  Publishing researche reports, books and activity on media and press and international collaboration to bring researchers, coaches and athletes together.


Board of AESA