The AESA Certified Strenght and Conditioning Trainer (AESA-CSC) certification is for professionals who work with both high level of performance athlethes and fitness client for improving their fitness, muscle shaping and ability on strength and power.
The certified Strenght and Conditioning Trainer has an ability to design groups client exercise program. They also have to update their information regarding the new methods of program design. The validity of this type of certification is between 1 to 5 years.


Exam and Credential:
Trainers how interest AESA-CSC, need to sit on AESA exam. That is free of charge and will be hold 1 time in a year. This is an online exam and participates in need to match score 100 of 100. All trainers may collect their score by participating in our certified workshops or conferences (You may collect maximum 50 score by participating on AESA workshops and conference. You may not use scores that applied for your previous certificate). All recognized list of workshops and events may be found on AESA Events menu on top bar menu of this page.

Benefits for AESA-CSC:
1-    AESA-CSC will have more opportunities in working with thousands of fitness client, high level athletes and sport teams in across the world who are trusting AESA.
2-    All AESA-CSC will indexed on our official website in List of Certified Trainer.
3-    AESA-CSC have more chance to publish abstract or manuscript on AESA Conference and IJAEP Journal.
4-    AESA-CSC will have unique webpage in our official website include personal information, contact and photo.
5-    AECA-CSC will have chance to win our annual rewards.


Who may participate on CSC exam?

Applicant need to have AECA-CPT or minimum Master degree or above in sport science area.


Exma is include 100 questions (english) in the following parts:

1- Sport Nutrition

2- Kinesiology and Anatomy of Muscles, Bones and Joints

3- Designing Professional Strength Training

4- Designing Interval Traning

5- Exercise Physiology


Applicant need to have minimum CPT or  Master degree or above in sport science area.


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Note: According policy and role of countries AESA certification may be recognized and or not recognized by institutes or exercise gyms.



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