Corresponding Author: Nahid Bijeh

Co-Authors: Malihe Saeedy1, Mahtab Moazzami 3

Article in press:

Purpose‏:‏‎ Different training methods and various supplementations are usually used by the ‎athletes to improve their exercise performance. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect ‎of six weeks of HIT with and without zinc ‎supplementation on aerobic and anaerobic power in ‎female futsal players. Methods: Thirty-two female futsal players were randomly divided into 4 groups as placebo, Zinc, ‎HIT ‎and Zinc+HIT. All subjects had to attend futsal-specific training 3 sessions per week. Zinc ‎groups and Placebo group ‎ took ‎30 mg ‎day−1 of zinc gluconate or dextrose, respectively, and HIT ‎groups performed 6-10 repetitions of a 30-second running at 100% of VO2peak with ‎4 minutes rest ‎between repeats during six weeks. Results: decreased VO2max in placebo group was not significant‎ (P=0.54), however VO2max ‎increased 4.43%, 3.69 % and 9.33% in Zinc, HIT and Zinc+HIT groups, respectively. ‎MPO also ‎augmented 7.84%, 8.78%, 30.85% as well as 11.92% in Placebo, Zinc, HIT and Zinc+HIT ‎groups, respectively‎. Conclusions: The findings suggest that increased number of futsal training sessions per week, ‎solely ‎ameliorated MPO value; while, Zinc, HIT and HIT along with Zinc ‎supplementation ‎increased both aerobic and anaerobic power in female ‎futsal players after six weeks. It seems that ‎zinc improved the exercise performance because of its utile effect on protein synthesis, muscle ‎tissue development and enzymes activities. Consequently, both of HIT and Zinc supplementation ‎were confirmed as the effective ways to improve exercise performance. ‎



Journal name: Internaional Journal of Applied Exercise Physiology


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